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Hi, I'm Sharon.
I'm a Service Designer from Taiwan, based in London.
About Me

I’ve always been passionate about designing for society, tackling social problems with various design approaches. To look into a problem from a holistic view, I started my post-graduate study at Royal College of Art, delving into knowledge and practical application of service design disciplines.


During my master degree, I’ve conducted solid service design methodology application in various projects when working with charities, financial regulators, and the local council, which enables me to look into a complex problem from a systems lens, understand the interactions between elements and networks within it, and find the leverage points to achieve long-lasting impact.  

Binding what I gained from my major at college, Diplomacy, where I developed the skill to convince people with different standpoints to agree to cooperate, I am capable of collaborating with people from various backgrounds to come up with desirable, viable and sustainable solutions.

Prior to my postgraduate, I have worked in the user experience field for 2 years. I started my journey in design by working as a user researcher intern at UXI company to identify and evaluate user requirements, creating both functional and appealing features that address users needs and fulfil client's expectations, and helping the client to grow the customer base. 

After that, I worked as a Service Designer at Public Digital Innovation Space in Taiwan. I cooperated closely with graphic designers and engineers to ensure a user-focused approach from conception to implementation, and crafted user interfaces and interaction design that resulted in improved user engagement and experience. 

Now, I’m interested in systems thinking, policy design and social innovation, exploring the possibilities to transform public services and communities, to enable organisations to deliver new levels of value to their customers, and to unlock the potential of levers in the system that create value for society.

My Hobbies
  • Wandering, walking in the city whenever I have time.

  • Cooking, experimenting with new recipes. 

  • Writing, to clear my mind and I believe words have the power to change the world. My medium.

  • Reading, discovering the unknown world. I like to read books about #Systemsthinking #Human Behaviours #History #Publicdesign

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