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Project Brief 

I worked at Public Digital Innovation Space (PDIS) to improve the Social  Affair Bureau Website and provide users with a more pleasant digital service experience.


June-Sep, 2020

Public Digital Innovation Space


Society Affairs Bureau Website Redesign

My role

Project manager


UX flow

Workshop facilitator


1 PM, User Researcher

2 UI Designer

1 Engineer


The main functions of Society Affairs Bureau Website are:

  1. Promoting social welfare policy

  2. Showcasing service performance

  3. Providing social welfare information

  4. Developing an accessible design

The main goals of this redesign:


  1. Easy to use

  2. Reducing the time on searching information

  3. Providing more accurate data

  4. Designing a simple and easy to understand layout

  5. Reducing the burden of customer service

  1. An improved user experience that is liked by 90% of 34 test users.

  2. SUS increases from 41.2 (F) to 73.5 (E). (N=34)

UX Design / Goverment Web

Social Affair Bureau Web Redesign

Design Approach
Stakeholders Research

We interviewed 5 internal stakeholders (staff at the bureau), 7 users, collected 363 survey responses to understand the users‘ needs, and the problems they encounter. We also executed a competitive analysis between the websites of Social Affair Bureau in 6 main cities of Taiwan. 

Based on our research, we defined the main users of the website.

Main Problems
01 Could not find the information users want
  • Messy layout

  • Unclear service proposition

  • Users don’t know what welfare they can apply for

02 Unclear application method
  • Internal information is not properly classified

  • The content is difficult to understand, like reading official documents

03 Easy to get lost in the application process
  • No troubleshooting channel

  • Cannot know the status of offline application

Design Strategies
01 Providing clear guidance and classification to allow users in need of social welfare to quickly find the information they need
02 Showing a clear way to apply for welfares and assisting users to complete the application procedures without adding burden for the staff at Social Affair Bureau
03 Integrating online and offline channels to reduce users’ anxiety during the application process
Prototype & Test
Discuss with staff
Usability testing
Anchor 1
3-page long 
1-page long
Simply the homepage and show the clear layout
Shortcut to check offline welfare applicaiton progress
Welfare Application
/ Category
More clear welfare category with icon
Welfare Application
/ Information List
New category classfied by life scenario, providing another way for users who don't know what welfare identity they belong to
Classfied by identity
with no explanation 
Link to map showing the
application location nearby
Standard information list
No arrangement,
users can't find the point about
how to apply for welfare
Use blocks and indents to
presentkey content
Advanced classification according to keywords, easy to search information
Welfare Application
/ Content

The SUS result of usability testing.

73.5 E


Key Takeaways
  1. Considering the using situation. We have to understand the user's life background, the moment they use the website, their inner thoughts when looking for the required information on the website, then think about how to design for different situations. It is important to design the information architecture to help users achieve their goals.

  2. "Nothing is designed to be bad." Instead of picking up on the problems of the website, we should think about why these problems exist. After understanding the situation from the viewpoints of users, clients, key stakeholders, we can explore leverages that can be applied, and find a balance between service providers and users to improve the service experience for both sides.

  3. It’s really important to engage clients in the design process, such as discussing the current problems and solutions together, so that clients can understand how we transform the insights we collect into our design. Engaging clients in the design process also helped us to manage their expectations then fulfilled them in the end.

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