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Sharon Ho

Service Designer
UX Designer
From Taiwan. Based in London now.

Hello, I'm a service designer with a Diplomacy background.

I have a passion for service design and I'm dedicated to combining the disciplines of Diplomacy and Service Design, thinking from a macro perspective while attaching importance to human-centred in various design fields.

I'm keen to empower people through design.
I believe in telling stories so that everyone can share their perspectives.
I believe in co-design because everyone has agency over their lives and should be part of
delivering services, not only receiving them.
I believe in prototyping and iterating because it's a mechanism that everyone can change to
the better way when things don't work.
I believe in design, and I believe we can create positive social impacts together.


截圖 2021-07-17 17.49.02.png

Service Designer

Redefining learning in the public sector through key interventions that focus on effective learning, so that the people in the organisation can be better engage in learning and new practices can deliver value and shape transformation 

For U With U

Researcher & Service Designer

A toolkit that helps regulators to walk in the shoes of their consumers. With this toolkit, we aim to facilitate a shift towards a more inclusive practise in regulatory bodies.

螢幕快照 2020-09-09 17.46.46.png

Researcher & UX designer

Engaging older generation in the digital world by their family members.

Government Web Redesign

Project Manager & Researcher

Improving the user experience of social affair bureau website.

作品集_The future of work.jpg

Project Manager & Researcher

Designing a job platform for the future freelancers, helping them adapt themselves to the ongoing waves of technology through learning by doing process.

Time for Kid

User Researcher

Designing a board game to develop children's self-management skill, improving parent-child relationship in two-paycheck family.

time for kid cover.jpg
Project 6


Tel: +44 (0) 7842584086

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